What Are Different Types Of Climbing Activities?

Climbing activities are fun sports that take many different forms. They can be either indoor or outdoor, over hills and mountains or on ice and snow. The most common gear for this recreational activity is a rope that helps mitigate the risks against falling over although not all rock climbing is dangerous, to begin with. The main activities in this recreational area are:

1. Rock climbing

This is the hallmark of the sport and can be carried out both indoors or outdoors with the help of a rope. Usually, there are two people or a group of them working to create anchor points that guarantee their safety. This process is called belaying and the person who works with the ropes the belayer. In the normal way, the belayer takes lead as the persons behind them take advantage of the support he creates on his way up. When it’s competitive there are protections to aid in the climbing that are placed on the rock usually bolts.

2. Ice climbing

Ice climbers ascend inclined ice formations often with lots of protection against slipping or falling with Icefalls and frozen waterfalls being popular ice formations where the recreational activity takes place. The equipment used in for this activity depends on the slope and texture of the ice, for low angled slopes an ice axe will do just fine but for steeper climbs crampons are essential for personal safety. The most commonly used rope systems are the single, double and twin rope. The single rope system is, however, the most popular for straight climbing routes. Excellent rock climbing locations include the Canadian Rockies, the Alps, and the Himalayas

3. Boulder Climbing

Boulder climbing is a minimized form of rock climbing where the climbing usually takes place in small rock formations, boulders or indoors. The height or the incline is not that high and climbers can even jump back to the ground from the top of the boulder.

4. Hill Walking

Hill walking involves trekking through the unchartered territory in mountainous and hilly regions where boulder climbing, map reading, and navigation skills come in handy. Boots, heavy clothing, and enough supplies are essential for these types of missions.

5. Mountaineering

This is mountain climbing like happens in the Alps or the Everest and it requires a whole range of skills that include ice climbing, scrambling, rock climbing, bouldering, backpacking, skiing and wilderness activities. There is even an international organization Union Internationale des Associations d’ Alpin Isme that governs (UIAA) that governs mountaineering by addressing issues like mountain protection, access, medical, safety, and training.

An excellent area to learn more about climbing activities is on Wikivoyage.org where the activities are listed, places around the world mapped out and all need to know from the basics to the most technical aspects of the activity detailed for you including the gear and their average prices. There are also many more sites dedicated to the niche areas of this recreational area that also serve as excellent sources of information like Mountain-training.org that trains people on how to safely have adventures in mountain ranges.