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Why Plant Conservation Matters Now More Than Ever

Earth and other living creatures will not survive without plants. Unfortunately, many plant species and communities around the world are facing threats. According to scientists, about 100,000 plants are threatened into extinction. These numbers are more than one-third of the total number of known plant species across the world. It is vital for each and one to be educated about the importance of these plants. It is equally important to know the value of plant conservation and get proper education about this aspect of caring for plants.

You can’t deny the fact that the are many threats taking advantage of various plant species around the world from bamboo and succulents to aquatic orchids and tree shrubs. Some of the main threats include overcollection, invasive species, and habit destruction. You disrupt the ecosystems as a whole when one of these plant species disappears because other species will not have any sources of shelter and food anymore. Moreover, plants are essential to keep soils stabilized as well as prevent erosion.

While the situation is critical, efforts are ongoing around the world to stop losing more plant species. To ensure worldwide plant conservation, targets and goals are being set by international treaties. Most plant conservation efforts revolve around goals that are outcome-oriented. If you talk about plant conservation strategies, you should know that education is key when it comes to the success of these conservation programs. More value should be focused on plant diversity. It is equally important for plant conservation efforts to exist in educational, communication, and public awareness programs.

All regular individuals should gain information on how they can go about conserving plants. Again, plant diversity is vital to the overall functioning of various ecosystems. In simple terms, it is provides the necessary support systems that all life forms depend upon. Some of the things that ecosystems can do include nutrient cycling, carbon sequestration, pollination, and climate regulation. You can also depend on plants to directly provide you with all the medicine, food, shelter, and clothes that you will need. These plants are where you acquire all possible raw materials that are sources of various products people depend on.

Some people also treat certain plants of utmost care for their spiritual and cultural values. For example, some village elders are required to sit under a particular tree to make the right judicial and political decisions. Essentially, plants are around to give meaning and existence to human beings. As mentioned, all plant species are going against various types of threats. To ensure biodiversity conservation, plant conservation should be at the root of worldwide efforts.

The loss of plant diversity is increasing in numbers. Habitat degradation and loss are common causes of plant species loss. The habitat of plants is destroyed mainly by human activity. Many plant species are also being exploited too much. Their extinction decline is also brought by climate change. With all of these threats, coordinated action is vital to reduce and halt biodiversity loss. For the benefit of all in terms of plant diversity, botanic gardens should be established across the globe.

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