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Special kinds of vehicles used in industries and construction work.

Vehicles are not only used for travelling. There are various types of vehicles used for industrial purposes as well and in construction sites. Parking cleaners are considered one of the most well-known construction vehicles. The vehicle has different types of brooms at the bottom. These brooms can be of the sweeping nature or of the vacuuming nature. If they are fitted with sweepers, the vehicles are driven across the area that is supposed to be cleaned. As the vehicles are being driven, the push the dirt in the area aside for collection. If they are of the vacuuming kind, they suck the litter into a fitted suction tank. When the tank is filled up, the litter is then thrown away to an already predetermined location.

Another special type of truck used in construction is the asphalt truck. These are special trucks with large carrying capacity that are often used in road construction. In road construction, the carriage is filled with the asphalt that is supposed to be used. After the truck is filled with asphalt, it is driven to the site and then the asphalt is poured on the road. The asphalt is placed on the ground and pressed down into a smooth film. Any road construction project has to have an asphalt truck.

Another category of vehicles used in industrial purposes is the sewer cleaner. Sewer cleaners contain vacuum systems for them to function well. The pressure of these systems is around two hundred bars. The cleaning is done through sucking dirt using high pressure. There is another type of sewer cleaning trucks that operates through the process of jetting. A pipe containing water flowing at a high pressure is fitted into the sewerage system in this process. The high pressure moves the dirt inside the sewer thereby cleansing it. When dirt is dislodged, the pipe moves deeper into the sewers thus clearing all the available dirt.

The hydro evacuation tank is another essential construction-based vehicle. These truck are also known as hydrovacs in the construction circles. The hydrovacs functions by using high pressure water and the high suction force of the vacuum system to clear debris and rocks during construction and evacuation. After evacuation, the debris that accumulates is placed in a debris tank located at the back of the vehicle. There are many people that prefer hydrovacs to other extraction methods as hydrovacs are high efficient. Hydrovacs are considered effective since they only dig out the areas that are necessary for the project being undertaken.

Forklifts also fall into this category of industrial vehicles. Forklifts are powered trucks that are used to ferry items in the industrial setting. In warehouses, the forklifts are used to move heavy goods and crates around. They are very effective as they do not require a lot of manpower to be run.

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